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Before attending the clinic you will be asked to complete and return a 5-day food diary and a health

questionnaire.  These are used to prepare for your initial consultation and help to plan your

nutrition programme.*


You will be provided with a comprehensive, personalised Health Optimisation Plan, containing recommendations  

of beneficial foods to include or avoid, and lifestyle suggestions to support wellbeing, as well as recipes and hand-outs, if required. 


*Please note that new clients cannot be seen without returning these documents prior to the appointment


Nutritional Therapy is not a replacement for medical advice; occasionally, the information that you provide may mean that you are asked to seek support from your primary healthcare practitioner to investigate underlying health concerns prior to attending the consultation.



What to expect

Structure of the initial consultation

Structure of follow-up 


How many sessions will I need?

The first appointment is used to discuss your personal symptoms and health concerns in depth, to obtain a better idea of your medical history and health goals. 


The consultation typically lasts around 1 hour and

30 minutes. 


You will be given a tailored Health Optimisation Plan to follow over the following 4-6 weeks, specific to your aims and lifestyle.


Where necessary, I may recommend laboratory functional testing to provide more specific information, (for example, of hormone levels, vitamin and mineral status, or digestive function), or that you discuss specific testing options further with your GP. 

Consequent sessions are used to review your programme and progress, and plan further dietary and lifestyle changes. You will receive another Health Plan outlining further support for what is agreed in the session.  


This session may also be used to review testing results if relevant.


Usually, the follow-up session lasts between 45 mins and 1 hour and 15 minutes. 



Clients will usually be seen for an initial and a follow-up consultation, although most people prefer a three-month programme consisting of an initial and two follow-up consultations spaced 4 weeks apart.  


Clients with more complex issues may require further appointments to meet their nutritional health goals.