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Corporate Wellness

Many organisations consider coaching or mentoring support...but what about biochemical influences on productivity?

Most athletes would consider nutrition to be an essential component of optimum performance, but this is often overlooked in the corporate world where typical office lifestyles can be stressful, demanding and depleting.


In today’s competitive business environment, the mental and physical health of a company’s talent pool is critical to driving organisational success.  Aside from supporting a reduction in stress and absenteeism, promoting workplace wellness can help drive the motivation and effectiveness of your human capital.  

Good nutrition can support concentration & mental focus, energy levels, and brain health, as well as helping to reduce workplace absence. 




Employee Health & Wellness Days

Corporate Wellbeing days and Workplace Wellness events are a popular way for organisations to invest in the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

Maria works to empower staff with information about how to make healthier choices and to inspire lifestyle changes which help employees to be happier and healthier.


Whether your organisation is taking part in an Employee Wellness Month and would like to run a series of workshops, or you simply want to run a one-off “Lunch & Learn” session – Maria offers flexible Corporate packages and can tailor delivery of nutrition and wellbeing information to suit your specific aims and objectives. She can also create tailored seminars based on results from Corporate Health Checks, (e.g. Nutrition to Support Cardiovascular Health).

Catering Consultancy

Creating Healthier Menu Options 

Previous Clients Include


— Michelle Aitcheson, Head of Human Resources,

Lionsgate Films UK 

Lionsgate UK recently hosted a ‘Wellness Month’ enabling the company to invest in our employee’s general health and wellbeing. Maria Mekhael hosted a company Lunch and Learn entitled Nutrition for Productivity. An incredibly informative presentation on why nutrition matters, how to boost our energy, fight fatigue and food for the brain to name but a few.


While we may argue that we all “know what we should be eating to stay healthy”, it made such a difference to be able to ask a nutrition specialist our own relevant questions.

For quite a few of us it’s actually been life changing.


I personally no longer eat white carbs and also swapped quite a few items in my diet, resulting in losing over a dress size along the way.


I highly recommend Maria’s presenting style of nutritional education, which is both warm and informal. I can guarantee that you will take away some amazing facts that will both enhance and even change your life.”

If you would like to create a “healthy menu” for employees, or simply require a review of canteen menu options & ingredients or analysis of cooking methods, Maria can work with caterers to help devise simple, delicious and budget-friendly options that are also nutrient-dense.

the diet therapists consultancy, nutrition brand advisory, health, nutritional therapist london