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I believe that even small changes in diet and lifestyle can have a big impact on how you feel, how you look, and general wellbeing.


Nutritional Therapy can help to show you how to make incremental dietary and lifestyle changes that guide you towards better health, without compromising balance or enjoyment.

Changing the way we think about Diet


The word "Diet" has become synonymous with restriction and deprivation, but historically, food and daily lifestyle habits were conjoined in the word "diet" to indicate a prescribed "way of life."  


This traditional meaning embodies not only what’s on our plate, but how we think about food, and how we eat as well as what we eat; these have repercussions for our body and metabolism in a variety of ways. 


I work with individuals to look beyond the “quick fixes” of the latest new diets that promise the perfect nutritional system, helping to decode the confusing, conflicting and often overwhelming messaging about diet that saturate the public domain.  


My nutritional philosophy is centred upon nourishing the body through real foods, rather than adhering to the latest dietary dogma and the exclusion of entire food groups as a "fix-all" for health problems. 

Creating Healthier Habits


For some people, eating may encompass a complex way of relating to food, making it difficult to make dietary choices that merge nutritional requirements and pleasure.  


“The Diet Therapist” is about reconfiguring dietary habits to create positive changes, transforming thinking about food and eating, and guiding clients towards a way of eating that is nourishing and sustainable.

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