Acai Berry Breakfast Bowl

Acai bowls still seem to be popping up at health cafes across London. I first tried one of these when I was in America last year, where they serve them using dragonfruit and acai puree like fro-yo with a huge range of toppings and mixes.

They are really easy to make, and you can just as easily substitute pricey-but-delicious frozen acai puree for frozen berry mix easily found in the supermarkets.

My sister (who recently moved to Los Angeles) has become a pro at making Acai bowls for breakfast, and has kindly given me her favourite recipe to share! Just choose your favourite frozen fruits, a liquid to help it along in the blender, and some toppings!

  • 1 packet of acai puree (wholefoods stock this, and you can also find it online cheaper), and half a frozen banana OR

  • 1 cup of frozen fruits (e.g. blueberries, raspberries) and half a frozen banana)

  • 200ml of coconut water, juice or milk (these are often made with juice to give it a sweet kick, but to keep the sugar content down you can substitute with coconut water which is slightly lower in sugar but still very sweet, or a milk of choice to help make it creamy

  • You can also add nut butter into the mix rather than as a topping (below) to make it thick and creamy. About a tablespoon will do!


- coconut flakes,

- berries or chopped banana

- low sugar granola,

- nut butter, (cashew works really well)

- crushed walnuts or hazelnuts,

- seed mix


  1. Blend your liquid of choice with the acai puree or frozen fruit in a blender - if you have a large blender or Vitamix you can do it in one go, but with a smaller nutribullet you may need to blend smaller amounts at a time. You want to blend ingredients until you get a sorbet like consistency...

  2. Add your blended ingredients to a bowl and choose your toppings! This is delicious with granola, banana, coconut and walnuts.

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